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Moore Productions, LLC presents a

Ventriloquism & Puppeteering Presentation

An Educational & Interactive Experience!

Testimonials !!!

"Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! One perk of my job is being able to bring things to the school that interest my kid."
Jordan Hamessley 
VP of PTA Programming - Woodbury Elem

What Do We Do?

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We are dedicated to creating a safe and educational space for students to explore puppetry and ventriloquism.
At its core, Puppet Day was created as a way to spark a student's natural curiosity for learning and the arts.
From Sesame Street to The Muppets, students have been exposed to puppets all of their lives. We're just proudly putting faces to the characters they already love, with a simple message...
"You Can Do It Too!"

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Benefits for Your Students

  • Verbal Interaction with puppets encourages language development by creating an open dialogue and a safe space for students to express themselves. Shy students benefit by letting the puppets be their voice thus increasing communication.

  • Social Development and Fine Motor Skills are enhanced through the medium of puppetry. Playing with puppets improves dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

  • Self Confidence and Creativity are developed through the act of handling and interacting with puppets as students retell and share their experiences and adventures. Role playing allows students to explore new personalities, ideas, and to develop their imagination.

What We Offer!

Auditorium Presentations:

Our exciting 45 minute auditorium presentations enhance student creativity, social development, and self confidence.

By blending both the educational aspects of ventriloquism and puppeteering with the fun components of live performance and audience interaction and participation, we are able to offer a truly one of a kind experience!

Age Ranges:

Pre-K through 6th-Grade!

• Pre-K through 1st grade shows are puppet story time with a lot of call and response.

• 2nd through 4th Grade shows are interactive with some audience participation.

• 5th and 6th Grade shows delve more into the technical, with heavy audience participation.

Meet the Team


Leonard J. Moore II

Actor / Writer / Ventriloquist

Psychology BA & Theatre BFA

Main Presenter & Co-Developer

A dynamic duo... (if we do say so ourselves)!

Moore Productions, LLC, along with Tonya Traylor, own the world's largest privately owned collection of ventriloquist figures (over 500 figures).


Leonard brings over 8 years of professional ventriloquism and puppeteering experience, while Paula brings over a decade of experience in children's theatre.


Paula Macchi-Moore

Actor / Puppeteer

Theatre BFA

Presenter & Project Manager

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