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Professional Ventriloquist

"Making the world talk, one figure at a time!"

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Leonard does Ventriloquism too?

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My Vent Story

It all started in the beginning… Ofcourse… Ofcourse… I promise my jokes get better than this 😅 Anyways, my vent story started as a young boy when my mom (Tonya Traylor) bought her first figure. I thought he was the creepiest thing ever! I said, “This is HORRIFYING! Look!” 👀 I then picked him up, started playing with him, and… I fell in love with him!


From there, I got use to being behind the figures as a professional puppeteer. Puppeteering for over 31 regional commercials, including a 3-year Tobacco Free Florida campaign. I’ve been a pro peppered for over 10 years now (wow time flies).


I made my first onstage appearance as a Ventriloquist at the 2019 Vent Haven Convention, during a open mic. It was then I got bit by the stand up bug and started taking my ventriloquism seriously. I’ve since been coached by Gary Owen (Darci Lynn’s vent coach) and I’ve performed on many stages across South Florida over the past 3 years.


Our collection has now grown to over 500 figures making it the Worlds Largest Collection of Privately owned Ventriloquist figures. This doesn’t include our vast collection of marionettes and automatons. Our collection spans from as far back as the late 1700s, with figures that have been in movies, tv shows, commercials, even figures that performed for the King Charles and the Queen.

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My name is Leonard J Moore II, and I’ve been a professional puppeteer for the past 10 year and a professional ventriloquist for the last 3 years. I am a SAG-AFTRA actor with my BFA in Theatre and BA In Psychology. Known as the “Man with 100 Figures,” I have a vast cast of Ventriloquist Characters that I pull from and utilize. Not only are the figures rare and one of a kind, but so am I! As there aren’t many black ventriloquists out there, let alone anyone with such an overwhelming collection at their disposal, my show is one you wouldn't want to miss!


If you'd like to learn, I also offer private lessons! 😳 And check out my website!😁

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